Made for it.

Use the apps made for your system

It’s as simple as this – the best way to enjoy your system is to use the apps written by the people who designed it.

For example, flow7 for Nexus7 uses Android: the choice of leading brands including Audi, Bentley and Maserati. It provides a stable, consistent and intuitive interface to the systems in your home. No car manufacturer would allow anyone else control over their product and neither should you!

flow7 lets you escape poorly performing interfaces and choose the right ones for the job. You decide how many you want to use from the home screen and hide the rest. For instance you could start with lighting, heating, music and video, and then add the incidental things that make day-to-day living easier – like live traffic, weather and news – when you need it.

Select your favourite design of wallpaper, buttons and shortcuts from the elegant Smartlauncher app in minutes. Every panel in your home can be as unique as the environment it serves.

Easy. Powerful. Beautiful.