Take control of your Digital World.

flow7 is a touchscreen Android panel which wall-mounts into a Single/Double UK wall box or a Double-J US Wall Box and presents a simply stunning interface. It has a number of power options which enable it to be safely available at any time, with no need to switch the panel on or wait for it to start. Installation is incredibly simple and straightforward.

The big difference between flow7 and the application-specific touchscreens made by control system manufacturers is that flow7 is not locked to one system, and it can control virtually anything that has an app. Here are five examples where flow7 is the better choice:

The “app bubbles” on the home screen have icons to identify the device you are controlling. This can be anything from your car to a vacuum cleaner….and beyond!

01. Spotify

The Spotify bubble opens the Spotify app. It’s better than any control system interpretation of the Spotify user experience and gives you the most features.

Choose Spotify’s weekly “Discover” playlist, Instantly add tracks to Spotify from Shazam, Listen to Spotify Radio and catch up on your favourites.

Most importantly you can instantly cast from flow7 to your Google Home, Chromecast or Spotify connect device instantly. You can even link rooms together.

If Spotify isn’t for you there are a plethora of other services and apps available for you to use instead, like Amazon, Apple, Deezer, Juke! Napster, Pandora, Qobuz, Tidal, TuneIn and more

02. Your journey to work

The Journey bubble opens Google maps in navigation mode. Know instantly what the traffic conditions are like, and your E.T.A.

Multiple Journey bubbles can include multiple destinations. If you don’t drive, alternative apps. include journey planners and service status apps for public transport, and Citymapper for city-centric travel.

The Journey bubble is a good example of what you can do with flow7 that you cannot do with most control systems.

03. Weather

The Weather bubble opens your favourite Weather app. and displays the weather. flow7 gives you more flexibility here because you are not tied to one weather app. or service. You can even have a separate shortcut to a hyperlocal weather app., like Dark Sky.

Whatever your favourite weather application, you can store multiple locations for easy access. And of course, press the home key at any time to return to the smartlauncher interface on your flow7.

04. Cleaning

Got someone special coming to stay? The Cleaning bubble opens the app. for your favourite cleaning robot, like Dyson 360 eyeRoomba or Braava (and more) so you can set it going, schedule it and track status.

Now you can focus on preparing that delicious meal and leave flow7 and your cleaning robot to it!

05. Climate Control

Every smart thermostat has an app., but not all control system vendors can control your choice of climate control.

Whether your choice is Drayton, Hive, Nest, Netatmo, Tado or any other smart thermostat, a climate bubble on your flow7 will get you quickly to your heating or cooling app. You can even add a widget to your home screen to swipe straight to climate control.